Have you been thinking about starting your building journey on your new architectural build and don’t know where to start?

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How we work with you

At Best Nest Building Company we have years of renovation and building experience under our belt and we’ve found that one of the biggest things our clients struggle with at the very beginning of a project is. “How do we start our building or renovation Journey?”

Which is totally understandable; renovating can be overwhelming and stressful, What if we can take away that confusion, stress and uncertainty?

We’ll guide you every step of the way. Even selecting the right architect that is suited for your budget and dream design is straight forward. Here’s how we do it in just 5 clear steps.

Best Nest Building Co

The Beginning Of Your Building Journey!

We’ll have a chat about your project and how Best Nest Building Company can work best for you,  touching on things like your vision for the project and other key parts of the job.

Once we have these details, We will send out our Best Nest Information pack to get your design ideas flowing and for you to get to know us a little better. After that we’ll arrange an onsite meeting with Luke (owner of Best Nest Building Company). He’ll meet you at your place and go over your plans, wants and needs for your project and suggest which of our recommended architect/designers would be best for your job to move to the next stage. If you already have an architect working on the project, that’s great and we will start to discuss more detailed things about your project.

Architectural New Builds, Best Nest Building Co | Professional Auckland Builders

Dream’s to Reality

This is where things start to get exciting. 

You have met and selected your preferred Architect or Draughtsman and preliminary plans have been designed and you can see the changes that you want done to your property are starting to take shape. This is a large milestone where you can get the feeling for how your build or renovated home will appear and function.  Of course, changes and little tweaks are made to ensure you are happy before any concept stage pricing begins. 

We will make sure you are 100% happy with the plans, then we go through our preliminary pricing phase where the plans are checked thoroughly by Luke and our trusted subcontractors who all price their particular part of the project to confirm the plans match your budget before moving forward. We will deliver these prices to you in a bound book with all associated costs for us to go over together so you get a complete understanding of the project. 

*There is a small admin fee to cover time spent pricing the project and is taken off your first invoice if you choose to go with Best Nest Building Company.

Architectural New Builds, Best Nest Building Co | Professional Auckland Builders

Masterbuilders Contract and 10 Year Guarantee

With pricing confirmed and accepted and your plans getting council consent, We will then sign a Master Builders Contract. This contract will outline specific items about your project.  From start dates estimated completion dates, labour rates, Insurance details, all of the major details are identified in this contract, then signed by both Best Nest Building Company and yourself.

This contract is the best way to protect you and your project as well as keep everyone’s expectations aligned. At Best Nest Building Company we also understand in protecting what is your biggest investment of your life so we also offer a free 10 Year Master Builder’s Guarantee for projects over $30,000.00 in our personal KEYS TO CONFIDENCE GUARANTEE.


Architectural New Builds, Best Nest Building Co | Professional Auckland Builders

The Construction Phase of Your Journey

With your plans getting council consent and your contract signed, a the deposit is paid to lock your job into our production schedule to start your Build or Renovation. This all starting on the agreed date that works for you.

At this stage Luke will hand the project over to James (Owner of Best Nest Building Company) who is the companies construction manager, James is there on the first day of demolition to handing over your keys once your dream home is complete. James manages the sub-trades, suppliers and our experienced team on-site.

Ensuring every detail is implemented and the build runs on time and budget. You’ll have weekly on-site meetings with James and your site supervisor to keep you totally informed. This is also done through our online project management system Rave Build where you get a log in and can see photos and communication about you project.

You’ll have weekly on-site meetings with James to keep you totally informed.

Architectural New Builds, Best Nest Building Co | Professional Auckland Builders

When Your Project is Completed

Once your build is completed, James will walk you through your amazing newly built or renovated home to ensure you’re 100% over the moon with the result.

Council compliance and all paperwork will follow being submitted by James and Luke to leave you to enjoy your finished renovation.

Best Nest Building Co
Best Nest Building Co
Best Nest Building Co
Best Nest Building Co

Our Keys To Confidence Guarantee

Best Nest Quality Certificate

We Are

Architectural New Builds, Best Nest Building Co | Professional Auckland Builders


Best Nest Building Co
Architectural New Builds, Best Nest Building Co | Professional Auckland Builders
Best Nest Building Co
Architectural New Builds, Best Nest Building Co | Professional Auckland Builders


Best Nest Building Co


Our vision is to stand out in New Zealand in the construction and building industries with unique attributes, characterised by quality workmanship, services and customer care. We strive to be at the top of the construction and building industries.

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Best Nest Building Co provides the highest level of quality work through professional competence and conduct at all times with honesty and integrity. We also strive to provide a growth orientated, secure, and positive environment for our employees and remain on the cutting edge of the industry.

Best Nest Building Co


Best Nest Building Co are qualified Master Builders, BCITO Certified, Licensed with The Building Practitioners Board NZ.

Looking for quality builders in Auckland?

Best Nest Building Company are your building specialists, offering extensive building services from home renovations and repairs to new residential and commercial builds. We offer expert advice and can work with you to meet your requirements and within your timeframe and budget.

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The safety of our employees is paramount and is everyone’s responsibility. Plan safety into every aspect of our work and do not deviate from that plan, Strive for zero incidents.

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Our business conduct will include the highest level of honesty, ethics, and moral correctness. We will not compromise employees, customers, or our company.

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Respect is the basic rule of behavior that guides every employee in all of his or her actions: respect for oneself and respect for other employees, customers, third parties and property.

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Our culture of teamwork allows us to work together within the Company, and with our customers to deliver the best solutions and collectively accomplish our goals.

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Each employee should show initiative and be motivated by a desire to deliver,
Commit and to succeed.

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Our actions must match our words. Each day we must strive to earn our reputation rather than simply manage it. To that end, we must operate in a manner in which our integrity and values cannot be questioned – that is, we must be authentic.

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Each Day, every employee is expected to give the best of themselves, to strive consistently for quality and to demonstrate the highest level of professionalism – and to lead by example.

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Each individual is fully accountable for his or her decisions and actions within the company.

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Professional relationships within the company are based on trust, which is the cornerstone of autonomy, frankness, and authenticity. It is for each person to establish and develop his or her trustworthiness and for each person to extend trust to others.

Architectural New Builds, Best Nest Building Co | Professional Auckland Builders

Your Next Steps

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